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Camaldolese monks

Proceeds from the sales of items purchased from this website
go directly to supporting the Hermitage community.
The Monks are grateful for your support.
Wishing you peace and all good things!

The art of Arthur Poulin

Father Arthur Poulin is a Camaldolese monk, priest, and artist. His landscape paintings reflect the beauty, harmony, and unity of creation; deep values that need to be celebrated and shared today. His work has been published in many forms and sold throughout the world. More...

Testimonials cakes


Throughout the years we have received positive comments on our cakes from many well-known persons.

Narsai David, Ann Landers, The Chicago Tribune, and Carmel Magazine have all published glowing reviews.

""When you forwarded that article describing how the monks of the New Camaldoli Hermitage are coping with their financial crisis, you claimed that their fruitcake is the best fruitcake in the world. I thought you were exaggerating. Not now! This stuff is preternaturally delectable! It's not just the best fruitcake in the world, it's the best fruitcake in the known universe. I love the way it sticks to everything, leaving brandy prints on breadboards, plates, fingers, clothing, you name it. And surprisingly, the list of ingredients shows that this celestial cake made by meditative Christians is better nutritionally too, compared to the vast majority of desserts." " Vance Aandahl

"I shared it with my colleagues at a station meeting. At first they were hesitant but after they got a whiff of brandy, they were eating out of my hand :)" Becca

"I don't even like fruitcake, and avoid it at all costs. But I was given a free sample, and I'll probably stop only when the samples run out." E. B.

"Your gourmet fruitcake tastes just like my mother in England used to make - delicious!" L. H. UK

"Best I ever tasted." L.A.R. Port Huron, MI

"Delicious! A favorite! You are going to love it!" Narsai David, CBS food critic

"Last year I was given a fruitcake . . . most delicious our family ever tasted - far better than I've ever made (and I thought they were excellent)." Margaret H. , Palm Springs, CA

"Thank you for your product It's wonderful." Anatol B., CA

Featured Products

Brandy-dipped Fruitcake (full size).  One of our 3lb Fruitcakes

Brandy-dipped Fruitcake (full size). One of our 3lb Fruitcakes

Our flagship Brandy-dipped Fruitcake in the traditional full size. Feeds the whole crowd. About 3 lbs. $43.00

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Holy Granola™ cereal

Holy Granola™ cereal

We are working very hard to produce enough to meet demands. Our granola is a delicious part of your breakfast or any meal. A fresh batch is made each week. Sold in 13 oz bags.  $12.50

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Brandy-dipped Date-Nut Cake (full size).  One of our 3lb Date-Nut Cakes

Brandy-dipped Date-Nut Cake (full size). One of our 3lb Date-Nut Cakes

Our Brandy-dipped Date-Nut Cake in the traditional full size.
About 3 lbs.  $43.00

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